Not Familiar With Remote Control Helicopter Flying Yet?

Before you engage the rotors on your remote control helicopter practice flying on this RC Flight Simulator .

If you know how to fly, before you take to the sky, you won’t suffer as much frustration from crash and breakage to your radio control helicopter.

And that means more flying time with less hard ground impact.

Some other RC flight simulators for your consideration include: The Pheonix, led flashlight, Real Flight’s Basic flight simulator, and Real Flight G5.5 flight simulator.


Ready For A Helo Thrill?

For your first helicopter I recommend the RTF Black Dragon. It’s modeled after a Hughes helo of the same name.

This RC aircraft has great stability for ease of control by the beginner both hovering and flying, and the body is super tough plastic just in case.

The Black Dragon is designed for ages 14 and above, and comes ready to fly.

Protect, Transport, And Supply The Troops With RC Military Helicopters

When the ground troops are under heavy fire they need you to swoop in and give them some support from the air. The Remote Control Airwolf Gunship is just the helo for you to pilot to their aid.

The real Airwolf, created from a Bell 222 helicopter frame for the show Airwolf, featured state-of-the-art machine guns and missile launchers.

The armament capabilities of this helo gives you the ultimate in ground troop support when you clear their way by eliminating the enemy with gun, and missile air to ground attack maneuvers.

Visit remote control helicopters for a wide selection of RC helos just waiting for you to make your choice.