Remote Control Sail Boats

Take a break from the racing action, and go on a quiet cruise. Relax on an evening voyage with a remote control sailing boat and a flashlight q250 .


What is more peaceful than an evening cruise aboard an RC Sailboat.

As you glide across the water you’ll hear no engine noise, just the slapping of the sails as the wind pushes you along.


Teach the kids sailing terms like hoisting the main sail, and jib. Show them how to tack against the wind.

Left click on RC Sailboats now, and before you know it the younguns talk will show wonder at the difference between man power, and wind power.


Or perhaps you fancy taking to the high seas in search of bounty to loot.


The radio control pirate ship is perfect for you matey. Hoist the main and display the skull and crossbones as you pull alongside a supply schooner bound for enemy lines.

Smooth Sailing Boats Versus Rough Bouncing Radio Control Power Boats

Give the kids and grandkids a different learning experience. When you steer a sailing yacht under wind power you navigate differently than when driving an RC motor boat.

Sailing boats don’t always cruise in straight lines. Sometimes you must steer away from your destination to reach it.


The wind dictates your path, and getting where you want often means tacking against that wind. RC Sailboats aren’t as fast as power boats either, so sailing from point A to point B takes longer.


Captaining a remote control sailing yacht is a thrilling experience all to itself.